What to expect during a massage session

If you will ever visit any branches in other parts of the world, you can expect the following:

The receptionist will ask a few personal details – record your name and the name of the hotel where you are staying.  Then she will ask you about some physical injuries and painful spots that the masseur should avoid, varicose veins, (women) pregnancy.  Then you will be lead to the massage room and given about two minutes to remove as much clothing as you feel comfortable.  Then the masseur will give you one hour of the most soothing and relaxing massage you’ve ever experienced.  Most people will snooze off during the massage and that is the sign that the masseur is absorbing much of your negative energy and replacing it with positive energy from his own body.

Halima massaging Aliou

Halima massaging Aliou

Massage is a very private type of service – few other times in our lives do we allow strangers to touch our bodies. This means that complete trust is put in the hands of the masseur.  The Ah Shi modality is a long sequence of massage steps starting from the soles and ending on the top of the head.  The whole body is massaged except the most private places between the top of pelvic bone in front and the coccyx (tailbone, or the final segment of the vertebral column) at the back.  In China the Chinese women would have their breasts massaged in a very specific way that is totally void of any eroticism or physical sensuality.  They submit to it without a second thought, just like women in first world countries submit to examinations by medical doctors without any hesitations.

Different cultures have different moral codes.  In southeast and far east Asia a masseur can offer a breast massage to a female client without the fear of being accused of rape or sexual harassment.  In the west some female customers will remove all their clothes without feeling embarrassed, while many will not tolerate to be touched anywhere near their private parts.

The ancient sages who developed the Ah shi massage sequence had thousands of years to evaluate the benefits of each massage movement and step.  We believe that our massage modality is very close to the one developed thousands of years ago.  Every client is told that we intend to massage what we were taught needs to be massaged.  And it is stressed to them that they must stop the masseur immediately, if he or she will come close to areas they deem too private for the masseur to handle.  So far it worked for us perfectly.  We never had a client reproaching us for going too far.  We are teaching all our students to do the same.