Folk Healers

This is a good place to say a few words about folk healers. It has been observed countless times that animals will follow their instincts when they are ill. Early humans were doing the same thing, but as their intelligence and speech skills increased, some individuals were observed to have a special talent and gift for healing themselves and others. They became the medicine men and handed their knowledge to their apprentices, which were not always their children. They based their selection on the attitude of the prospective apprentice (In some cultures it was believed that children surviving some serious illness became excellent folk healers.) In traditional societies the folk healers looked after the sick. They never asked for payments, but the society looked after them and they never lacked anything essential. They considered their talent a gift from God(s) and feared that if they abused it, the God(s) would take their gift away. Even these days the genuine folk healers in traditional societies are among the most humble people you will meet. These days, lots of alternative medicine practitioners are just following their instincts and natural talents.

…if it hurts, you will touch it! Everyone massages by instinct. Whoever we are, when we are hurting, it is automatic to rub the pain away. When a baby cries, we hold, rock, & pat them to ease distress without thinking if we are doing it properly. A simple hug and stroke on a friend’s back is often more comfort than words, all these things are massage. Ryan Hoyme